Control Shift

Weekender 5-7 June 2020
Exhibition 5-19 June 2020


Given the rapidly escalating public health emergency we are sorry to say that Control Shift, June 2020, will need to be postponed. The programme will still happen, it is just uncertain at this time what the new dates will be. We are continuing to closely monitor the situation and we are in discussion with our project partners. Of course if the circumstances change for the better so will our timescale.

We will continue to release updates as and when is possible but in the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the team at

UPDATE on Open Call:

We would like to publicly thank everyone who applied to the Open Call, we were delighted by the high number and quality of applications we received. Despite the need to postpone the event, we are still moving forward with the selection process. However, due to the current circumstance and changes in our working patterns it will take us longer to complete the process than anticipated. We will get back to artists as soon as we can. Apologies for delays, but please bear with us and we hope you understand.

Control Shift is an exciting new arts programme coming to Bristol (UK) in June 2020 exploring creative and critical approaches to technology, rooted in embodiment and materiality.

We live in a world where machines increasingly collect information about us, reducing our bodies and the things around us to streams of data. In turn the digital realm can feel abstract, and out of our control. The stuff of computers and digital infrastructure is often hidden out of sight and huge power imbalances exist around who is making technology and who benefits from it. Yet the impact of our interactions with machines and technologies are very much rooted in the body, materials, and emotions.

Control Shift asks how we can reframe and rethink our relationships with technology. How could we conceive of new possibilities beyond neoliberal versions of computing? What might happen if there was more space for poetic or tactile engagements with the digital? Can we reconsider our connections, responsibilities and embodied entanglements with technology?

Launching on 5th June, Control Shift will incorporate a weekend of events (including performances, workshops, and talks) and an exhibition sited across different locations in Bristol that will run until 19th June.